Team Member

Jimmy John's

$9.50 per hour



  • ⏰ Part Time
  • 🏋️‍♀️ Training
  • 📈 Growth Opportunities
  • ⏰ Full Time
  • 🍴 Free Food & Drinks

Job Description:

Freaky Fast! Freaky Fresh!® Jimmy John’s is all about fresh, fast, tasty sandwiches. We slice fresh with love every single day since 1983. That's Jimmy Fresh!

Our team is seriously Rockstar status. Nobody makes sandwiches as fast as we do, on bread baked within the last 4 hours and meats/veggies sliced by hand daily.

• Make fast, fresh sandwiches.
• Slice meats (if you're over 18)
• Keep a clean restaurant.

• Great integrity.
• Positive energy.
• A little goofiness is a plus!

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